Perspective Project

A couple weeks ago, I worked on a perspective drawing where I had to find a spot in my school that showed perspective and draw it. Once I found my spot, which was the bottom of a staircase, I sat and started drawing using a small, rectangular-shaped view finder and horizon line to find the point of perspective. It was a very architectural process because I had to use rulers to make precise lines.

After a couple weeks of drawing, I finally finished it and drew over it in pen.img_0112

I was very happy with the result, but I still wasn’t done with the project. Next I was to copy the image onto a bigger and thicker piece of paper using a copier. After this, I painted it with white paint and left the lines how they were. Then, after it dried, I painted over the whole thing with ink; where I painted it white it deflected the ink and the places where I didn’t paint it it would turn black.

Again, a couple weeks had passed and finally it had been completed.img_0113

To my surprise, it turned out much cooler than I had expected. I like both pieces a lot, but my favorite is definitely the ink drawing. It looks more striking and interesting than the plain drawing, even though I think both turned out very nice. Overall, I think this project was a success! And I definitely want to try something like it again.


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