Critique of My Pieces

img_0046What do I see in this image? How would I describe what I notice? —

I would say that this piece is symmetrical because everything is balanced. I see a large sun-like circle centered above marks that look like dead trees.

How do you feel when you look at this image? What emotions does it envoke? —

I intended at first for the image to look like the sun giving light to a forest and happy, yet when I look at it in its completed form, it makes me feel like it’s about death possibly even fear; mostly because of the black ink and how the trees look dead.

How can an immediate, unrefined line show movement and volume of form? —

The way I twisted the brush to make the sun showed both movement and form by the way it’s dark and lighter on one side. The trees even appeared to be reaching up towards the sun.

What have I learned through this process? What insight might I apply to a future project? —

I have learned how certain stokes from the brushes can create a certain real ness and even envoke emotions. Since I’ve learned this, in future projects I will definitely remember that knowledge and use certain strokes or movements to convey a certain feel.



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